30 Days of Thankfulness: Day 9, 10, 11

Nov 12, 2012 -- 12:12pm

Yes. Three days because I was lazy this weekend and didn't update my posts. Or just too busy. Yea we'll go with that!

Day 9: I just realized that I have paid off at least my first semester of college. Heck yes. Thankful that I am in a position to make those payments and will eventually pay if off!

Day 10: I'm thankful for days like today when the sun is shinning, I get to roll down the windows, wind is in my hair, Seether is playing rather loudly, and I can just drive and escape for a while. Heck yes music therapy. 

Day 11: I'm thankful to know so many brave men and women who have and who are fighting for this country. It's because of you that I can attend church, pray when I want, and spend each day of my life not living in fear.

Look for Day 12 later today. That is, IF I get to it smiley

Have a rockin' afternoon!

-CC out.

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