Shut Up and Rock -- 11/27/12

Nov 27, 2012 -- 7:43am

How's that day-one post-holiday weekend hangover working out for you?


  • Metallica's hitting the boards...skateboards, that is.  Band members James Hetfield and Rob Trujilio will appears as characters in Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 HD Revert Pack, a downloadable add-on for the full THPS game on XBox 360 and Playstation 3, when it releases December 4th.  The band's song, "All Nightmare Long," will also be included in the pack.
  • Need a new Pearl Jam drummer?  Why not Adam Levine?  The Maroon 5 frontman took to Twitter yesterday, practically begging the band to fill in for Matt Cameron, who is now on tour with Soundgarden.  Levine is actually an accomplished drummer and a big fan of the band who says he's been practicing with Pearl Jam tunes since he was 11.
  • Machete Kills might be dead on arrival, unfortunately.  Overnight Productions and Quick Draw Productions, the latter of which is director/producer Robert Rodriguez's company, are embroiled in legal battle over tax credit information that could cause the rights for the film to revert back to Overnight, blocking its release entirely.
  • More Star Wars creative group retirements ahoy!  Long-time SW contemporary and producer of many other Lucas projects Rick McCallum is stepping down after the company's purchase by Disney, though no particular reason was given as to why.  You have to imagine it has to do with Lucas himself scaling back his personal involvement in the upcoming projects.
  • Did you think the multiplayer in the second Bioshock game sucked?  Yeah, so did Irrational Games and 2K, more than likely.  Bioshock Infinite producer Ken Levine said yesterday that the upcoming game will not include a multiplayer aspect when it releases on February 26th, and I say good riddance.  This is the epitome of a first-person shooter that has absolutely no need for multiplayer, honestly.
  • Bioware Montreal producer Casey Hudson is still asking your opinion on what they should do with Mass Effect 4 in regards to how it interacts with the previous three games.  So far, it looks like more people on Twitter would prefer to see a sequel rather than a prequel, but that's about all we've gotten into so far.  Seriously, as long as I can still punch reporters in the jaw, you can set the thing in feudal Japan, for all I care.

Hump Day's next...until then, ROCK!


(News credit to 411mania.com)

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