Aunts and Uncles Celebrate!

Jul 26, 2012 -- 11:26am


Why exactly are you celebrating? Because according to sources, today is Aunts and Uncles Day! 

I've always asked why there wasn't a holiday for Aunts. Okay, so that might come from the fact that I have three nieces, but nevertheless...

I mean Mother's Day and Father's Day is always a BIG to do and for good reason. I mean after all, we probably wouldn't be who we are without them. Grandparents' Day is there as well and we would always get together and eat with the family. 

My sister and I have talked in the past about an Aunt's Day or a Sister's Day but until now I had no idea that the day even existed. 

So I salute you, Aunts and Uncles alike! I mean let's be honest; we are the cool fun ones to hang with right?!

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