Shut Up and Rock -- 12/18/12

Dec 18, 2012 -- 7:36am

Here's the quick rundown for Tuesday's updates:


  • According to a now-removed update on their mobile app, The Rolling Stones could be appearing at the Coachella festival next year.  This would be the band's first festival appearance since Isle of Wight in 2007 if it comes to fruition.
  • For the last time:  there is no "new Nirvana."  Dave Grohl's reps have shot down rumors that the surviving members of the group were looking for a new frontman, calling them "nonsense" while reiterating that there would not be a Nirvana reunion tour.  Fact:  Sir Paul McCartney recording a track with the guys, and it's on the soundtrack of Grohl's Sound City documentary.  That's all, folks.
  • Entertainment Weekly has released more details on the Hangover III from director Todd Phillips, who says that the final entry of the series focuses on Alan (Zach Galifianakis) traveling with the Wolfpack to Vegas once more in the wake of his father's death.  Phillips also confirmed that Ken Jeong will be back and "darker than ever" as Mr. Chow.  The film releases May 24th next year.
  • Legendary action star Jackie Chan has confirmed his apperance in the Expendables 3.  Chan says Stallone invited him to be in the second installment of the series, but he was committed to another project at the time, so they moved his character into the third film, but he is appearing only on the condition that he is a main player in the team and not a cameo.
  • Rockstar Games is ambitious if nothing else, and if their latest suggestion comes to be, that will be more true than ever.  While discussing the impending Grand Theft Auto V, Leslie Benzies confirmed that the group has looked into creating a GTA game involving all the cities of the previous installments, which the player could fly between to wreak havoc.  Godspeed, gentlemen.
  • Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 will makes its way to the PS Vita handheld on February 26th next year, including a new Hero Mode that eases up the difficulty on the player and integrates touch-screen controls as well.


Until Hump Day, my friends...ROCK!


(News credit to 411mania.com)

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