Shut Up and Rock -- 12/21/12

Dec 21, 2012 -- 7:37am

Wait, we're still here?  Oh crap...uh, here's exactly what we planned to talk about today!

  • Not only is Metallica planning a new album for 2014; they're also going to host their own festival in 2013.  The second annual Orion Music + More festival will take place June 8th and 9th in Detroit, Michigan, with the exact venue and more details being released in February.
  • Avenged Sevenfold will return to the studio in January to work on the follow-up album to 2010's Nightmare, according to frontman M. Shadows, who also says the new tracks will be "more groove oriented" and "focused on bigger riffs."
  • The official plot synopsis is out for Iron Man 3, but it's pretty much what you'd expect.  Tony Stark/Iron Man goes on a quest to find out who is attempting to destroy his personal life and finds out a lot about himself along the way, including whether or not the suit makes the man, or the man makes the suit.  It's coming May 3rd next year, so you can find out for yourself then.
  • Will Loki appear in The Avengers 2?  He doesn't know yet, apparently.  Tom Hiddleston told MSN that he hasn't heard from Joss Whedon about the project, but that he would love to do so if the script called for it, especially after reprising his role in Thor: The Dark World.
  • It's finally happened:  game developer THQ has officially filed for bankruptcy, putting WWE in a tough spot, considering the company has handled their video game license for many years.  It remains to be seen what WWE will do--although they have stated that they'll be involved in the proceedings, it's unlikely they'll bail the company out, so you may be seeing WWE games published somewhere else as early as 2013.
  • The level cap on Borderlands 2 is going up in the next three months, according to the guys at Gearbox Software, but they've yet to decide if it'll be attached to a DLC pack or as a free update of its own.  Both methods were used for the original game, ultimately landing at a level cap of 69, up from the original 50.

And that'll do it for me for 2012!  I'm on vacation until January 2nd, so have a Merry Christmas, a happy New Year, and I'll see you in 2013!  Until then...ROCK!


(News credit to 411mania.com and Kotaku.com)

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