A Bunch of Random Thoughts

Dec 27, 2012 -- 3:41pm

First off, I would just like to say thank you so very much for letting me grace the Real Rock airwaves for over a year now. It has been so much fun. I love that fact that I can make someone's day by simply playing their favorite song. It doesn't matter if it's heavy metal of if it's a rock ballad. We all have those lyrics and melodies that just make us go insane. I get to do that for you. I am so incredibly grateful.

Moving on,
How was your Christmas? I think I ate 10 tons of ham. It was oh so yummy! The holidays around my house get kind of insane. We just have so much family to squeeze in. Let's go see mom. On to the sister's place. Don't forget about gramps! By 9:00 p.m. Christmas Day, I was passed out on my couch. (I know, lame right?!) But seriously, Christmas was great. It feels so good to know that I always have family on my side. No matter what happens, they've got my  back. Never EVER take those people for granted. EVER!
Point three,
HOLY SNOW! What a way to wake up on Wednesday morning. How much did you get? I know we didn't get the 10 inches they were calling for in Cape, but
it still made thinks crazy. Snow can be so pretty! But honestly, I wasn't feeling it this week. I bet it was because I was secretly envious of everyone that could stay home and go out and play in it. A day off would have been nice... But hey, someone has to bring you the most awesome ROCK ever right? I do throw a mean snowball...
Am I the ONLY person in the world who feels needy? I swear on Wednesday I asked about five million questions to my co-workers. Those guys were happy to see me finally leave for the day. What am I supposed to do today? Am I doing it right? Hey, I need the new sports schedule. Can I have it? How about we try this? You see what I'm saying? I think I'm the type of person who either has nothing to say at all, or I won't shut up. There has to be some middle ground. Anyone have any advice?
Finally, I think I am going to wrap things up by leaving you with a song that's been rapidly growing on me. It's Offspring's new tune that we've been spinning. Give it a listen?
-CC Out.

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