Pucker Up! Stone Sour has some HUGE plans...

Jan 03, 2013 -- 8:57am









See what I did there? 

If you are a Stone Sour fan, now is the time to get EXCITED! Not only are they kicking off a US Tour with Papa Roach later this        month, but a NEW single is just days away. 
According to Corey Taylor's tweet, "Happy 2013! Big things soon: HoGaB pt 2 in April, comic #1 in April, book #2 this summer. But 1st single from pt 2 coming very soon!!”
So that means a couple of things. First off, their follow up album 'House of Gold & Bones Part 2′ will be released in April. Yes, I know you can read...BUT I just wanted to reiterate how awesome the next few months will be for Stone Sour fans. In that same month (April 17th to be exact), the first of a four part graphic novel will be released. Rumor has it the comic will follow the bases of the new album (which would be FREAKIN' SWEET!).
As far as the book comment goes, it's the follow up to Taylor's 'Seven Deadly Sins.' I'm not even going to pretend that I know much about this book or the next one. To be completely honest, I didn't even know he had a first book. Oops.  
We all LOVE new music. The first single is said to be called 'Do Me A Favor' and will (obviously) be from the 'Part 2' CD. 
I think I covered everything....OH WAIT!
In a later interview, Taylor also spoke of a WORLD TOUR coming in 2014. As of now, it will be a two night show. Night one will consist of the entire 'House of Gold & Bones Part 1′ set list. The next night, 'Part 2.' Supposedly they are already working on this crazy intense stage and want to make a DVD of the two nights and compile them together. We shall see....it's all still over a year away. Anything can happen.
What are you the most excited about? I would have to say the new single, just to make sure that 'Part 2' is just as awesome as the first one. 
In the mean time, I'll just leave you with this music video. Just a little something to hold ya over until the new single.
-CC out.

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