New Vids and Splits

Jan 07, 2013 -- 10:57am

A new week brings us some interesting things to talk about. Do you want the good news or bad news first?

Let's go bad.
If you are a My Darkest Days fan, please don't shoot the messenger. Guitarist Sal Costa has called it quits with the group. 
As of now, the group is still working on their third studio album. I wonder how much this will change the overall sound of the group. According to a few fans who experienced some of their shows live, Costa seemed like a BIG part of the show. He also helped with the recording process. 
This does not sound like it is going to end well for My Darkest Days fans. At least both parties are being polite about the matter. 
New Video Time! (As you may have guessed, this would be the good news.)
Holy Heavy Metal. Hatebreed has released their new music video for "Put It To The Torch." It involves LOTS of fire and what looks to be some voodoo. And this guy just gets the crap knocked out of him throughout the story line. Who doesn't LOVE that?! I really don't get it at all, but I just CAN'T LOOK AWAY. 
The new album featuring "Put It To The Torch" is called The Divinity Of Purpose will drop January 25th. 
You can catch the new video below. Also, don't forget to be listening for your chance to score those concert tix to see the group at Pop's on February 7th.

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