Top 5 Tuesday: What's On Your DVR?

Jan 15, 2013 -- 12:22pm

Top 5 Tuesday time!

The last two weeks have been filled with some awesome season premieres. That being said, what's your favorite TV show? What's the one thing that you set your DVR to and re-watch every single episode? 
Now, I realize that I might get some flack for this list. But, I'm ready to accept the criticism. 
Here we go! Top 5 TV Shows on Chloe's DVR:
5) Pretty Little Liars (on ABC Family Tuesday nights at 7). Yes, this first selection makes me sound 12, but it's sooo good! These little brats have a this killer after them that uses their darkest secrets against them. It's got some mystery, lots of relationship drama, and a very crazy story line. This is the third season and a couple of characters from the "A" team have been revealed. But, there's always something more. You never know what's going to happen from week to week and the cliff hangers are UNREAL! Plus there are some pretty hot dudes. If you know any girls ages 15-25, chances are you've heard something about the show. The new season started just last week, so there's not much to catch up on before you board the "A" train. Maybe they will finally figure out who Alison's killer was...or if Alison is really dead to begin with. 
4) Boy Meets World (on ABC Family M-F mornings 6-8). I know these are just re-runs, but I NEVER miss an episode! I just can't let my 
childhood go. Who doesn't love a little Cory and Topanga? Not to mention, I forgot how funny Cory's brother Eric is as he gets older. Some of it is a little cheesy, yes. I will give you that. But there are so many childhood and life lessons that I still continue to take away from this show. And the fact that the writers are working on a sequel series, "Girl Meets World, " I get even more excited! Everyone has a friend like Shawn, hell some of us are the Shawn in our circle of friends. I grew up with these characters and I just can't let them go. Not yet anyways. It will be interesting to see where GMW takes the cast and where their kids will end up. Growing up is bittersweet isn't it?
This list will get a little better, I promise!
3) The Big Bang Theory (on CBS Thursday nights at 7). I'm not entirely 'nerdy' by any means when it comes to hardcore knowledge on comics, movies. superheros, science, etc but that does not keep me from laughing. The TBBG is coming off it's most watched episode just this past week and so the hopes are even higher for the new episode on Thursday. This show has a little bit of everything. It has friendship squabbles, witty one liners, relationships that work, and relationships that just don't work. It's really cool to see how each character has developed since the first season. The story line never gets complicated and I think that's why I enjoy it the most. You do not have to follow the episodes in order to get what's going on. As long as you can figure out that Penny and Leonard have this complicated on again off again type of relationship, then you're good. Nothing complex about that right? And who knows, you might even go away learning something about science from the show. If you LOVE to laugh at wit, make sure you check out the "People's Choice" for Network Comedy. 
2) Nashville (on ABC Wednesday nights at 9). Still a relatively new show, I've been hooked from the start. You don't have to like country music to enjoy this one.  Nashville is a drama about a couple of country singers, some band guys, and a political scheme going on in the city. It's crazy how they have incorporated all the different story lines. There's are plenty of fights, a hot headed Hayden Panettiere, and some talented singing. You have no idea who's going to end up hooking up with who and how that come backs to bite them in the butt. Relationships are strained, there are break ups, and break out hits that have already hit the I-tunes chart. One of my guy friends put it best when it comes to all the relationship break ups and make ups. "It's like a soap opera for country singers." That's true. But that's not the only thing you're going to get with this show. Just when you think you know where the story line is headed, there's a twist. Most of the time it involves a new scandal and who DOESN'T love that? At least give this new show a shot. It's done really well with the first season and I'm kind of obsessed with it. 
1) Being Human (on Syfy Monday nights a 8). Yes this one is a bit fictional, but it's SOO good! If you are even a little into the whole vampire/werewolf thing this show is for you. I wasn't too keen on the idea of science fiction at first, but I gave it a chance. Now three seasons later I am officially hooked! A vampire, werewolf, and ghost are roommates in Boston. They have to overcome all these things that have happened to them and try to live life as normal as possible. Obviously, this doesn't work. Josh (the werewolf) ends up turning this girl into one after they have been dating. Oops. Now he has to deal with ruining her life on top of everything else. Aiden, the vampire goes through this whole addiction phase, and poor Sally. You guessed it, she's the ghost. She is just trying to figure out where she belongs so she can finally get out of limbo. Lost yet? Don't worry about it. The season premiere was last night. Check it out and start following along NOW. There's so many twists and turns and cliff hangers. This show is also filled with those zingy one liners. Josh's character cracks me up. Did I mention that werewolves and vampires are supposed to HATE and KILL each other? Yea, add that to the dilemma. If there's one show that you should take a chance on, it's this one! So glad my best friend introduced me to it.
Well, I think you get the point. I like weird random crap. Can't help it. 
What's your favorite TV show? I know you have one...
I do have a date with my DVR tonight, so I'm going to catch ya later. ROCK ON!
-CC Out

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