Splits and Duets

Jan 17, 2013 -- 8:26am

For just one teeny, tiny moment I thought it was Friday. Now that's a bummer.

The past couple of weeks, it seems that there is always someone splitting up. We've talked about the My Darkest Days front man split, the whole Adam Gontier split from Three Days Grace (new details point to there being much more to that story than advertised), and now we can add Aerosmith to the equation.

Don't have a heart attack just yet. Not talking about the band splitting up, BUT Steven Tyler has called it quits with fiancee Erin Brady. 

The couple have been engaged since December 2011, but have been the topic of the rumor mill as of late. At one time sources just swept it under the rug saying that it was just the regular relationship spats that happen between celebrities. However, it is now official. Tyler called off the engagement according to the New York Post gossip column

Don't take this the wrong way Erin, but I think you dodged a bullet. 

In the way of all this splitting, there is hope. An unlikely pair have teamed up for a pretty cool hit. Now annoucing, The Offspring and DEAD SARA?! Say what? 

It's true. Apparently Offspring front man, Dexter Holland, had his sights on working with Emily Armstrong since summer of 2012. "When we started building our own set list, I realized the stripped-down version of 'Gone Away,' which we've been doing for a few years, would fit Emily's voice really well," Holland told Rolling Stone.

Not going to lie, it turned our pretty dang awesome. The crew video taped their performance back from October 5th, but now it has been released for you to check out. 

Do you think they pulled it off? Feel free to leave your comments at my Facebook Page.

Not sure if I'll get another entry done tomorrow. If not, ENJOY YOUR WEEKEND! 

-CC Out

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