Shut Up and Rock -- 1/22/13

Jan 22, 2013 -- 8:17am

The rumors of my expiration are greatly exaggerated--I'm back!


  • Ozzy Osbourne and his wife Sharon got a scare over the weekend when a fire burst out in their living room overnight.  The couple had left a candle lit when they went to sleep in their Beverly Hills mansion, and it burst the glass vase it was in, setting fire to the room.  They proceeded to do the worst things possible:  Ozzy tried to put it out with his hand-cast (from recent surgery), while Sharon threw water on the blaze...and fueled it.  Firefighters put it out before anything too severe took place.
  • For the last time:  The Rolling Stones are NOT playing Coachella this year.  Even Rolling Stone Magazine has confirmed this as of now.  Will they play elsewhere?  Probably.  It's hard to keep Jagger and the crew down...but they won't be getting down at Coachella in 2013.
  • It's a good weekend to be Jessica Chastain--she's in the top two movies in the country.  Mama debuted way above expectations at #1 with a $28 million take, followed by Zero Dark Thirty at #2.  Broken City disappointed at #5 in its opening weekend, and The Last Stand was even worse off at #10.
  • Speaking of Guillermo del Toro, he's working on another horror flick titled Crimson Peak, described as a haunted house tale to which Emma Stone is already attached as the female lead.  Rumor has it del Toro may ask Charlie Hunnam (Sons of Anarchy, and del Toro's own Pacific Rim) to take on the male lead.
  • Ubisoft has released the first two DLC packs for Assassin's Creed 3 to the Wii U:  the Hidden Secrets pack ($4.99) and the Battled Hardened pack ($9.99) cover both single and multi-player additions.  We also know that the upcoming Tyrrany of King Washington content will be released for the Wii U as well.
  • Sony has two new characters are inbound for Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale: Kat from Gravity Rush and Emmet Graves from Starhawk will be available for download February 12th, as well as a new stage called "Fearless," which mashes the worlds of Heavenly Sword and Wipeout together.  There's also more DLC on the horizon for March.


Hump Day already?  I'll take it!  Until then...ROCK!


(News credit to 411mania.com)

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