Top 5 Tuesday: Super Bowl Foods

Jan 29, 2013 -- 4:14pm

Well, it’s about that time. I absolutely, 100% CANNOT wait for Sunday! My birthday party is going to be Super Bowl themed this year and all of my best friends are going to come over and we are going to watch one of the best sport events of the year. I’ll be completely honest, I LOVE Super Bowl parties. It’s the one time of year where you can munch on entirely way too much junk food, have adult beverages and scream at the TV at the top of your lungs when your team is royally sucking it up or dominating.

Of course, there is always that one debate. What are your top Super Bowl snacks? What are the hits at Super Bowl parties? I asked you to weigh in earlier this week on our Facebook Page so I could put together a Top 5 Super Bowl Foods list! 
Did your top food make the list? Let’s find out…
5) Little Smokies: These little guys are always a treat at our house. Not only do they have some delish flavor, but there are so many unique ways to spice up the recipe. Just throw them in the crock pot, slap on some of your favorite sauce (or add a can of jelly according to our Facebook friend James Mcghee), and just let them simmer. Your house will smell amazing and your guests will all be pleased. You’re never too old for some little smokies!
4) BEER!: Yea, you can’t forget the beer. I mean, what’s a Super Bowl party without a little refreshment? Multiple Facebook people agree with me…(Andrew Johnston, Donnie Bradley, and Jeffrey Frick just to name a few) I’m more of a Bud Light kinda gal.
3) Pizza: This one is a no brainer. It doesn’t get any easier than having your favorite local pizza establishment delivering your favorite pie during the game. It might be the quickest, easiest, most crowd pleasing food you’ll put on the table this year. I would have to be difficult and have a chicken pizza with plenty of crushed red pepper. YES!
2) Rotel Dip: Yet another easy food to just throw in the crock pot. It doesn’t matter if you are stuffed to the gills, there’s always room for more chips and dip. The cheesy, spicy smooth dip just goes down so easy. It might be the most addicting snack at the party. Facebook friends Misty Brust Knupp and Courtney Essner Hilse agree that this is one snack that shouldn’t be missed. Maybe I’ll be able to put a 20 chip limit on myself this year….
1) Hot Wings: You have to get just a little messy in order to fully enjoy a Super Bowl party. These little devils are so good and can be ‘adjusted’ to fit the taste of your group. You can go mild or jalapeno. It’s whatever your little heart desires. I personally like them HOT with plenty of ranch dressing on the side. Throw in some celery and it’s a double win. Just make sure you have plenty of napkins. They might be messy, but Brooks Brockmire, Michaela Cody Stephens, and I agree that you CAN’T forget to add them to your menu for Super Bowl Sunday.
Did I miss anything? Feel free to leave your favs and who knows, I might just have to use them on Sunday. 
Now that I’m drooling, it’s time I get out of here and grab some grub. Enjoy the rest of your Tuesday and stay safe tonight with this crazy weather. 
Until next time, 
-CC Out

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