Shut Up and Rock -- 1/31/13

Jan 31, 2013 -- 7:41am

These PRETZELS are making me THIRSTY!


  • Soundgarden has released the music video for their latest single, "By Crooked Steps," which was directed by--you guessed it--Dave Grohl, who apparently does everything right now.  The video shows the group as a Segway gang being chased by a cop played by Deadmau5.  Yep.
  • No one in Tool is allowed to ride a scooter anymore.  Ever.  Or at least, they shouldn't be, after two unidentified members of the band were injured in Vespa crashes on icy roads--in separate incidents.  Supposedly, they're healing fine, and this shouldn't impact the band's schedule for their impending fifth studio album much.
  • Rumored, and now confirmed:  Marvel will bring Doctor Strange to the big screen!  Marvel Studios CEO Kevin Feige says that, in addition to Ant-Man, they're working on a concept for a Doctor Strange flick, and holy crap the potential roster for Avengers 3 just got (even more) interesting.
  • Good news, Evil Dead fans--well, if you're looking forward to the remake, anyway.  The release date for the Fede Alvarez-directed reimagining has actually been moved up to April 5th this year, according to producer Bruce Campbell.  Groovy!
  • Nintendo news!  Satoru Iwata says the company will release approximately TEN major, first-party 3DS titles over the next fiscal quarter.  I'll believe it when I see it.  Meanwhile, it turns out that the Wii U is actually hurting the company's bottom line, as it's all but made the Wii obsolete and ruined demand for that system.  Couple that with somewhat disappointing returns on the Wii U, and Nintendo now forecasts to sell about 1.5 million less units than they originally expected by march.  Ouch.

Finally Friday next--see ya then, but for now, ROCK!


(News credit to 411mania.com and Kotaku.com)

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