Rumors Confirmed!

Feb 01, 2013 -- 10:22am

Drowning Pool fans REJOICE!!

The rumors have been confirmed by the band and they will be dropping their new album on April 2nd of this year. 

This will be the group’s fifth studio album; however it will be the very first one with frontman Jasen Moreno. Apparently he was handpicked by the group after he nailed some tracks from the group’s debut album. Those tunes had not been played since the death of original frontman Dave Williams over ten years ago.

The crew could not be more excited for “Resilience”.

“Come hang out and have a drink with us,” says guitarist CJ Pierce. “Let’s listen to some loud rock music. Look forward to seeing each and every one of you at the show!”

How would you like to see a sneak peak of the track listings for “Resilience?”  You got it!

1. Anytime Anyplace
2. Die For Nothing
3. One Finger and a Fist
4. Digging These Holes
5. Saturday Night
6. Low Crawl
7. Life of Misery
8. Broken Again
9. Understand
10. Bleed Wth You
11. Skip to the End

The new album will also include two bonus tracks.

Kirby Ray posted the new lyric video to “One Finger and a Fist” just this week. You can find it here. Enjoy!

The group will also be hitting the road for a UK Tour with Fozzy and Revoker. You can find the tour dates here (ya know, just in case you want to buy a plane ticket for across the pond).

And because I am so vain, I decided to post one of my favorite tunes from the alternative rock group, Yellowcard.  My birthday is tomorrow, so I figured why not celebrate early today? LOVE the instrumental break in the middle of this tune (please ignore the fact this tune is from the Spiderman soundtrack).

Have a fantastic weekend!

-CC Out.

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