Shut Up and Rock -- 2/11/13

Feb 11, 2013 -- 8:43am

Sounds like somebody's got a case of the Mondays!  (Corporate acounts payable, Nina speaking!  JUST a moment!)

  • Well, the Grammys were last night, and as far as rock is concerned, here's the rundown of who came out on top:

    Best ScoreSoundtrackFor Visual Media: Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross -The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

    Best Hard Rock/Metal Performance: Halestorm - "Love Bites (So Do I)"

    Best RockSongThe Black Keys - "Lonely Boy"
    Best RockAlbum: The Black Keys -El Camino
    Best Rock Performance: The Black Keys - "Lonely Boy"

  • For the fourth week in a row, we gave you tickets to see what turned out to be the #1 movie in the country, as Identity Thief opened in the top spot with a $36 million take, well above the $20 million industry experts were expecting for the debut weekend.  Warm Bodies slipped down to #2 to make way, while Side Effects opened at a respectable #3.  The other big story here is that Ben Affleck's Argo rode its awards show success up to #8, coming back into the top ten after being in theaters for 18 weeks.

  • Take this with a grain of salt, but Entertainment Weekly may have outed the Star Trek: Into Darkness villain.  Up until now, Benedict Cumberbatch's character has been referred to as "John Harrison," but an online listing for an issue of EW shows Chris Pine and Cumberbatch on the cover and reads, "Voyage into the new Star Trek with Kirk and Khan."  Again, nothing confirmed, but...

  • Ubisoft isn't making any friends lately, as they've announced that Rayman Legends will be coming to XBox 360 and PS3 this September.  Sounds like good news...until you realize that this was originally a Wii U exclusive (and was supposed to be a launch title), and it would have been out next month if that were still the case.  Now, it's coming to all three platforms this fall.  Fan outcry led to Ubisoft announcing an "exclusive demo" for Wii U owners in the next few weeks, but there's already one available, so it's not much pittance.

  • The upcoming Aliens: Colonial Marines, which is due out tomorrow across all platforms (except the Wii U version, to be released later, of course), will include a pre-order bonus free for Wal-Mart customers.  The "Bug Hunt" DLC basically plays like a co-op hoarde mode, and if you don't pick up the game at Wally World, you can get the DLC pack for $15 otherwise.


'Til Tuesday, ya little jerks--ROCK!


(News credit to 411mania.com)

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