Shut Up and Rock -- 2/12/13

Feb 12, 2013 -- 7:49am

Danny DeVito!  I love your work!


  • Former Korn drummer David Silveria pleaded guilty to DUI yesterday.  He admitted to rear-ending another car and leaving the scene while under the influence of a sleeping pill in Huntington Beach, CA last March.  Prosectors struck a deal to drop the hit-and-run charge if he pled guilty to DUI, and so there we are--no prison time, but Silveria will be on a three-year probation and attending some classes.
  • Think your Valentine needs an extra special gift?  How about Joey Ramone's vinyl collection?  It's going up for auction on Valentine's Day online, including pristine albums from Led Zeppelin, The Who, the Doors, and more, with the starting bid set at $500.  Good luck!
  • Quentin Tarantino says that Inglorious Basterds and Django Unchained were just two parts of an informal trilogy of revisionist history...so what will be the third?  Even he isn't sure yet, but the director says it's coming, and it's going to be big.  Prepare yourselves.
  • Stephen King's novel Cell is coming to the big screen, to be directed by Kip Williams (Paranormal Activity 2) and starring John Cusack.  The book follows a graphic artist who tries to reach his wife and son after a pulse transmitted through cell phones wreaks havoc on society.  No word on timing on this one yet.
  • Though we're still not even sure when we'll have the next Playstation console, it's likely that Killzone 4 will be a launch title for the system, according to an anonymous source.  Of course, rumor has it that the PS4 (or whatever) will be announced February 20th, so the game could possibly be right alongside it there.
  • Sticking with the next-gen theme, more rumors are suggesting that the next XBox will have voice recognition software similar to Siri, as well as an enhanced Kinect that can detect how many people are in the room and suggest games for that number of players.  Spooky.

Almost half-way there, friends!  'Til Wednesday, ROCK!


(News credit to 411mania.com)

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