Top 5 Tuesday: What the Grammy?!

Feb 12, 2013 -- 9:44am

So, the Grammy’s were on Sunday as I’m sure you’re aware of by now.

BUT it is Tuesday, so why don’t we sum it up with the Top 5 Moments everyone is talking about from the show? Okay, maybe not what EVERYONE is talking about, but they have at least made my list!

5) Hello Mumford and Sons! I know they aren’t your typical “rock group,” (and yes I use rock very loosely here) but it seems as if they were the shock of the night. Their performance was okay. I mean it wasn’t bad or anything, but it didn’t do anything to excite me. AND THEN THEY SCORE THE BIG AWARD OF THE NIGHT?! By the way the night was going, I (and the entire country for that matter) was for sure it would be fun. or The Black Keys going home with Album of the Year. I don’t know how I feel about it, but it’s not like I can call up the Grammy Award Association and be like “Yo, I really don’t approve of this.”  I wish I was that important…

4) Jack White apparently knows how to wake up the entire audience with an old school rock and roll performance. Normally, he is paired up with someone else for collaboration so it was a shock to see him out their by himself even though the Grammy’s teased it up hard core. Peacock feather suit and all, White brought down the house. The drums were heavy, he was all over the stage, and Keith Urban was eating it all up on the front row. It was for sure great change of pace once we got into the 2 plus hour mark of the show. I was pleasantly surprised with his performance. If you missed it, you can check it out here. I might just have to grab his new album when it drops…

3) Can you say mic troubles? I don’t know if it was just me and my audio geekiness or what, but something for sure seemed off throughout the night.  I know Taylor Swift isn’t a great example because she can often be terrible live, but even her vocals weren’t balanced out with the band. At times, it sounded as if they would drop her vocals or the band’s sound altogether. It wasn’t consistent and I just couldn’t grasp if she was really that off or if it was a mic issue. So we move on to other performances. The next big thing that stuck out was the Miranda Lambert/Dierks Bentley duet. Both of these guys are normally spot on when it comes to performing live. But they too seemed to not be matching up.  You could even see it in their faces. Billboard magazine sent out a tweet shortly after saying the EXACT same thing. AND THEN when The Black Keys performed, you could barely hear the main singer. The backing band was way too loud. It just REALLY got under my skin. I wonder if someone is going to lose their job…

2) How can you NOT like Bruno Mars? His band just seems to have the best time with all their cheesy chorography. But that’s what makes them soo fun to watch. They lit the room up and I couldn’t help but to sing and dance along. Then came Sting. Yea, Sting. It took a couple of minutes for it to sink in, but then I had to accept the fact that he was actually adding to this performance. The song kept building right into the Bob Marley Tribute and it was nice to see the entire Staples Center singing and clapping along. In my opinion, it was one of the BEST performances of the ENTIRE night. I never questioned Bruno’s pitch and he always delivers when it comes to live events. I’m not turning my back on rock, but man was he fun to watch and listen.

1) Did JT steal the show? His performance was good, but I was hoping for more. Not even going to deny the fact that I was hot and bothered because after all it is Justin Timberlake, but the song was just so-so. Still waiting for that moment to hit that he’s back, you know? What I couldn’t get over was the fact that he kept showing up EVERYWHERE. After his performance they cut to a Bud Light “Suit and Tie” commercial featuring Justin. Then the next commercial break, we saw a Target ad featuring who else but Justin. And then he returned to the stage to help with the Music Educator Award introduction. Man was everywhere. I think I heard next year that they are naming the show the “Timby’s.”

So, that’s pretty much my Top 5 Thoughts on the Grammy’s. Did I miss anything? Is there a performance or event that YOU’RE still talking about from Sunday? If so, make sure to hit us up on our Facebook page. I love hearing from you!

Enjoy the rest of your Tuesday,

-CC Out.

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