Shut Up and Rock -- 2/21/13

Feb 21, 2013 -- 7:27am

Take off the vest.  You look like Aladdin.


  • Paramore has released the music video for "Now," the first single off of their upcoming, self-titled (and fourth) studio album.  In an interview with MTV News during the video's premiere, lead singer Hayley Williams said the disc will contain seventeen tracks, the most of any Paramore album to date, as well as three musical interludes that the band reportedly fought to have on the album.
  • So, WWE's Jack Swagger returns from several months' (if not a year) worth of sitting on the sidelines to immediately get some major opportunities:  he's paired with a new manager, Zeb Colter, who shifts his focus toward patriotism; he wins the Elimination Chamber just a week ago; and he's set to face World Heavyweight Champion Alberto del Rio at Wrestlemania 29 next month.  So naturally, to celebrate, he gets himself busted for marijuana possession and DUI yesterday and likely flushes all of that down the toilet.  Good call, genius.
  • Is Disney planning a fourth Toy Story film?  Tom Hanks says "probably," while they say "no way."  Rumors of another Disney/Pixar film set in the universe of Woody, Buzz, and the gang started cropping up recently, reporting that the movie was set for 2015, but the studio has shot them down.  Good.  The last one was the perfect ending to that series; no need to muddy it up with further inspection.
  • In other news of "things I don't want to see on the silver screen," 50 Shades of Grey may be making the jump to film as early as next summer.  Universal is working on it, and Mila Kunis is being rumored for the lead female role of Anastasia Steele (and of course the character's name is "Anastasia Steele"), though I would hope she respects herself more as an actress than to stoop that low.
  • The PlayStation 4 was officially unveiled last night in New York...well, kinda.  We know all about the new controller (and the touchpad/Share button rumors were true, along with a light bar that basically makes it a PS Move wand as well), as well as some of the games coming to the system (new Killzone, new Infamous, Watch Dogs, and a slew of others--thus far, a decent line-up), but we didn't actually see the console itself...or a price tag, for that matter.  Well, Sony does have to save something for E3.  The PS4 will be out this holiday season.

Finally Friday is nigh!  'Til then, ROCK!


(News credit to 411mania.com)

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