Puddle of Legal Trouble

Feb 25, 2013 -- 11:42am

Puddle of Mudd's frontman Wes Scantlin may be in more legal trouble than we orginally thought.

News broke out yesterday that he allegedy stole his ex-wife's car that was left to her in their divorce that went final last summer. Charges are still pending, but his ex swears it was Scantlin since he could still have a spare key to the ride. 

The vehicle has been impounded so the police department can lift any prints. Get the complete story here.

Now, why would you steal a car that you left to your ex? Just saying. Can you not afford your own?

Someone is trying to start something, but we aren't quite sure who at this point. 

By the way, this story was orginally report via TMZ. Take that for what it's worth. 

Stay dry, 

-CC Out.

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