When Theater and Rock Mix

Mar 11, 2013 -- 11:27am

What do you get when your favorite rock group takes the stage as a theater production? 

You normally let out a big ole "WHHHHHYYYYYYYY?!!!!! THIS IS CAREER SUICIDE!!!" right? 

But when it comes to the ever so epic cheesiness of Queen; it could totally work. 

The musical is called We Will Rock You and what do you know, is inspired completely on Queen tracks. The North American Tour will kick off in October in Baltimore and has had success over in London. 

You can get the complete details here

Let's just hope they don't make an awful movie verison *cough* Momma Mia *cough*Abba*cough*

I would totally jam out to this musical at the Fox Theater, however. 

Excuse me while I go blast some Bohemian Rhapsody and take care of this terrible cough. 

See ya on the flip side!

-CC Out

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