Ouch! Now There's A 'Shiner'

Mar 28, 2013 -- 10:38am

Recognize this foot? It belongs to Shinedown's Eric Bass. The bassist unfortunately injured it at a show in Texas last Friday, but the show WILL go on. 

In a series of tweets from the band, Bass suggested it was just a 'flesh wound' and that he would continue to rock out on tour with P.O.D and Three Days Grace. That 'flesh wound' turns out to be a second-degree ankle sprain. I'm no doctor, but that swollen ankle looks mighty painful.

Even though the show will go on, Bass has been given strict orders to stay seated throughout the remainder of the tour.  Any bets on if he will re-injure it?

We wish him a speedy recovery! 

Until next time,

-CC Out

(Pictures and content via the band's twitter page.)

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