Slipknot to SNL?

Mar 29, 2013 -- 8:52am

If you could pick one band to grace the stage of Saturday Night Live, who would it be? According to 9,000 plus Facebook users...SLIPKNOT!

Way back in 2011, there was a Facebook Petition released in the form of a Fan Page called 'Slipnot for Saturday Night Live.' Since then, several users have been liking the page. Many big names are getting in on this petition as well including Corey Taylor from Stone Sour and Slipknot's own Shawn Crahan. You can get the behind the scenes scoop from the founder of the page by clicking here.

Can you imagine how HUGE it would be for a band like Slipknot to make it on SNL? Talk about some diversity. It could lead the way for other non mainstream bands to get their name out there. 

Would there be some backlash? Absolutely. I mean you have people that continue to watch the show each week since like the 80s. You're going to have that one mom who doesn't want her kid around that 'satonic sounding crap.' But I feel like this whole thing would be a welcomed change. You can almost predict what musical act is going to be on the show now a days. So, why not spice it up? It may even bring in new types of fans to the show. 

Would you support the cause? You can be just like Crahan and sign the petition by liking the 'Slipknot for SNL' Facebook Page. Believe it or not, these types of things work when a bunch of people get on board and create a commotion. 

I shall leave you on that note. Thanks so much for hanging out this week with me and a BIG congrats to Nikki Ross for finding our Real Rock Easter Keg! Maybe she'll invite me over for a brew? I hope you enjoyed the hunt as much as we did. Have a fantastic Easter weekend!

Until next week,

-CC Out

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