Shut Up and Rock -- 4/5/13

Apr 05, 2013 -- 6:33am

"I don't like people handing things to me.  Just put it down there."

  • If you're a Deftones fan (or just going to be in Memphis in about a month), they're playing the Beale Street Music Festival on Friday, May 3rd, as just announced by their official website.  You can get tickets now at deftones.com
  • The second part of Stone Sour's House of Gold and Bones concept album is now available for streaming at stonesour.com/albumstream, though the actual disc won't be out until next week.  Still, you can hear the whole thing now right there, so if you're a fan of part one and can't wait...well, there you go.
  • Sad news from yesterday, as acclaimed film critic Roger Ebert passed away at age 70.  Ebert had long been battling thyroid and salivary cancer, leading to the removal of his lower jaw in 2006, and was, of course, the famed originator of the "Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down" film reviewing style.  I never fully agreed with the man's opinion that the video game medium couldn't be considered art, but as critics go, there was no one like him--not to mention he actually directed several of his own films, so he was instantly more trustworthy than most critics.  See you at the movies someday, Mr. Ebert.
  • As for this weekend at the box office, you have two great choices that are newcomers:  the Evil Dead remake is looking to be on track for a #1 debut (and rightly so), while the 3D re-release of Jurassic Park is one of the few with which I agree.  When the trailer says, "The way it was meant to be seen," this is one time where it's actually correct, and it's one of my personal all-time favorite flicks, so I can't not suggest you give it a go.
  • Here we go with this again:  several reliable sources have reported to gaming blog Kotaku.com that the next XBox console will require an internet connection to start any games or media applications.  On top of that, Microsoft's creative director Adam Orth made some inflammatory comments on Twitter about the situation, suggesting that people who don't have reliable interenet access should just "get with the times."  Easy there, Marie Antoinette--it's not always that simple.  You know, Sony already confirmed they won't be doing this for the PS4...
  • I would love to pre-review Bioshock Infinite for you all, now that I've put about five hours into it, but I can't bring myself to say anything about the plot and potentially spoil it for you, so let me just say that it's still a satisfying (if a bit old-school) shooter in gameplay while simultaneously being one of the most thematic universes in gaming.  Definitely give it a look.

Enjoy the warm weekend, and I'll see you thugs on Monday!  'Til then, ROCK!


(News credit to 411mania.com and Kotaku.com)

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