Evil 'Pops' the Top On New Album Art

Apr 08, 2013 -- 9:28am

Remember at the beginning of March how we talked about Pop Evil's new single, "Trenches?" Well, the group has been super busy and is all systems go on this new album. 

Over the weekend, Pop Evil debuted the artwork for the new 'Onyx' album. You can see it up in the upper right hand corner. 

Along with the album art, we got an inside look of the track listing. Want to see?

Pop Evil, ‘Onyx’ Track Listing

1. ‘Goodbye My Friend’
2. ‘Deal With the Devil’
3. ‘Trenches’
4. ‘Torn to Pieces’
5. ‘Divide’
6. ‘Beautiful’
7. ‘Silence & Scars’
8. ‘Sick Sense’
9. ‘Fly Away’
10. ‘Behind Closed Doors’
11. ‘Welcome to Reality’
12. ‘Flawed’
Can't wait until May 14th for the new album? Well, you can pre order here. You could get it as early as May 8th. Just throwing that out there...
So we have album art, track listing, and TOUR DATES! The group will be bringing 'Onyx' to life at the end of this week. For a complete look at the tour dates click here.
How do you feel about the new album so far? Yay or ney? In my opinion, any new music is a good thing! Well, most of the time anyways.
See ya on the flip side.
-CC Out.

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