Shut Up and Rock -- 5/3/13

May 03, 2013 -- 9:09am

You're missing the point! There's no throne; there is no version of this where you come out on top. Maybe your army comes, and maybe it's too much for us, but it's all on you. Because if we can't protect the Earth, you can be damned well sure we'll avenge it!


  • The Deftones may not have known Chris Kelly personally, but they definitely paid tribute to the former Kriss Kross rapper this week.  Kelly passed away Wednesday due to a possible drug overdose, and when the band caught wind of this during their performance at the Pageant in St. Louis, they broke the news to the band and played a heavy metal version of Kriss Kross's #1 hit, "Jump Jump."  The Deftones are no strangers to loss, as their former bassist Chi Cheng passed away at age 42 earlier this year.
  • Another one gone, as founding Slayer member Jeff Hanneman passed away yesterday near his southern California home at age 49.  Hanneman contracted necrotizing fasciitis in early 2011, likely due to a spider bite, though his official cause of death is suspected to be liver failure.  All of us at Real Rock 99.3 extend our condolences to his family and friends.
  • Josh Trank is rebooting the Fantastic Four for Marvel, and it looks like he may be bringing Chronicle star Michael B. Jordan with him to play the Human Torch, Johnny Storm.  Chris Evans played the role before in the most recent Fantastic Four flicks, and this would be the first time--comics, films, or otherwise--that Storm would be played by an African-American actor.  It also remains to be seen if his sister, Sue Storm (aka The Invisible Woman) would be played by an African-American actress; Jessica Alba played her in the previous movies.
  • Iron Man 3 is in theaters across the US today, but it's already made over $300 million at the international box office, smashing records in China, Thailand, and more.  It's also already passed the total international gross for Captain America, Thor, and the previous two Iron Man movies.  All I know is this:  STAY THROUGH THE CREDITS.  This should be standard affair for Marvel movies now.
  • Square Enix is finally getting Final Fantasy XIV back on track, releasing A Realm Reborn later this summer for PC and PS3.  The relaunch of the game features new classes, areas, maps, software, and basically everything else--let's hope they got it right this time.
  • A leaked bit of info from Gearbox's studios has led them to reveal (early) the next piece of downloadable content for Borderlands 2, titled "Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep," which will apparently follow the character as she runs a tabletop game-within-a-game for the original Borderlands characters.  It'll be out June 25th for $10 or as a part of the Season Pass.

'Til next week, freaks and geeks...ROCK!


(News credit to 411mania.com)

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