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May 03, 2013 -- 10:59am

So someone, somewhere thought it would be a grand idea to rank the best Marvel movies of all time. This of course being done along side the release of Iron Man 3. 

SPOILER ALERT! It's not number one...

At the time of this blog entry, I have yet to see Iron Man 3. However, that will be changing in 7ish hours. So I can't offically say if I agree or disagree with this entire list since I haven't sat down to see all of these movies. 

See the complete article, and rankings, here.

I'll be completely honest with you...there's a number of movies on here that I haven't seen. I'm kind of newish to this whole comic universe thing, but I already have some wicked opinions. Like, how in the world does 'Spider Man 2' rank higher than the orginal 'Iron Man?'  SERIOUSLY?!?!!

Here's a list of the Top 13:

13) The Amazing Spider-Man: Not bad. I've actually heard some really great things about this reboot. Still need to get around to seeing it...

12) Spider-Man 3: You have GOT to be kidding. There is no way this flick is better than the new reboot. No way what so ever. I just won't believe it. I'm just not into the whole emo Tobey Maguire thing.

11) X Men First Class

10) The Incredible Hulk: Now we're getting somewhere.... I enjoyed how 'simple' this flick was. The story line, the character development. It was nice to see a comic book movie that didn't get lost in a bunch of special effects and artsy shots.

9) Spider-Man: I don't mind this version of Tobey Maguire. Honestly, it was one of the first super hero movies that I could get into. I know, that says something about me...

8) Punisher: War Zone: Based on some of the comments on the article, I'm not the only person who knew nothing about it. Might have to go back and give it a shot.

7) Thor: Fan-flippin-tastic film. The cinematography is literally out of this world. And even though at first it was hard for me to grasp the idea of mythical worlds, I found myself trapped in this storyline and couldn't wait to find out what would happen.

6) Iron Man: A little sad this isn't farther up on the list, but I get it. We're getting down to the nitty gritty. I just love RDJ's one liners and his character as a whole. He busted out of his shell for this film and there is honestly no one else I could ever see playing Tony Stark.

5) Iron Man 3: Well, I guess this is good news! The flick hasn't even been out for a full day over here and several sources are citing it as the best Iron Man flick yet. Come on 7:45!!!

4) Captain America: Not going to lie; a little surprised this title is up this far on the list. Although I enjoyed it, I feared that many people would find the story a little 'old' and 'out-dated.' But I guess his pride for the American Colors really connects with people right now. After all, America needs a few more movies and characters with these types of morals and values.

3) X2: Once again, haven't seen it. I'm apparently missing out, though.

2) Spider-Man 2: Say what? You already know how I feel about this.

1) The Avengers: Yes, yes, and yes!! I loved every single thing about this movie and it really allowed me to connect with each of the characters and their individual story lines. The one liners are outstanding. This movie officailly has me hooked on what's to come from the Marvel Universe. 

What do you think? Should something else besides the Avengers be number one? Which Marvel hero holds a special place in your heart?

Only 6.5 hours seperates me from my date with RDJ!! Heck yes! Enjoy your weekend.

- CC Out!

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