Velvet Vacancy

May 10, 2013 -- 10:37am

Looking for a new job? Do you possess out of this world rock skills?

You may want to apply to be the lead singer of Velvet Revolver. Word on the street is that the group is still looking for a permant fix to their frontman vacancy issue.

In a recent interview, Slash revealed that the group is still 'quietly' looking for someone to replace Scott Weiland (Do you think he has commitment issues?!). At first, we weren't sure if the group was going to find anyone to take his place, but after Slash's public comments it's easy to see that Velvet Revolver is ready to move on. 

Slash and Myles have been staying as busy as they can with bringing us some new music. Slash and other former members of Velvet Revolver will also be making an appearance in Brazil.

You can get all the details about the Scott Weiland return/not return, full Slash interview, and Brazil details here

Maybe one day the band will get back together. Maybe one day Velvet Revolver will return with a new frontman. Maybe one day the remaining members will just call it quits. Who knows? 

That's all I got for Friday, kids. Enjoy your weekend and keep it rocking!

-CC Out.


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