Leaked Jam?

Jun 03, 2013 -- 11:31am

That would normally sound disgusting on so many levels. However, we are referring to the fact that Pearl Jam might be releasing their new single as early as July of this year!

All Access orginally posted the listing on their website but has since removed the post. It doesn't seem too far fetched considering the band has said on multiple occasions that they are so close to releasing their new album.

You can read about the sound of the new album here.

According to the removed post, 'Mind Your Manners' will be here on July 16th. Do we really have to wait until then to find out if this is the real deal or not? Give us some kind of hint, Pearl Jam! 

Anyway you spin it, the groups tenth album will be here this year and is sure to be a hit. 


-CC Out.

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