Shut Up and Rock -- 6/21/13

Jun 21, 2013 -- 7:53am

What's the "S" stand for?


  • Andrew WK has done it:  24 hours of drumming complete!  The rocker set out to achieve the world record for the longest drum session in a retail store in Times Square on Wednesday night and wrapped up around 7:00 PM yesterday, only taking a five-minute break each hour in total while special guests filled in, including Questlove of the Roots and the Red Hot Chili Peppers' Chad Smith.
  • ICYMI:  Here's the link to POD's new video for their latest single, "Beautiful," which is off and running right now:  http://www.payableondeath.com/murderedlove/news/
  • The continuing adventures of Sin City will continue a little later.  The sequel, Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, has been pushed back from October this year to August 22, 2014, with no listed reason...but really, at this point, do we need one?  This thing has been plagued with production problems since day one.  Hopefully they'll get them ironed out soon.
  • Jurassic Park 4 has been pushed back too, but at least we weren't banking on that 2014 date for it anyway.  A new banner at a licensing expo in Vegas shows it arriving (in 3D, of course) sometime in 2015.
  • Here's some good news:  Robert Downey, Jr. will continue to be Iron Man for both The Avengers 2 and the third movie in the series, which is all but guaranteed at this point.  Joss Whedon said he wouldn't do them without RDJ, so the deal's been inked for those two flicks, with a possible solo picture contract in the works as well (but separate from this one.)  Avengers 2 is out May 1, 2015, for the record.
  • Gaming Update with Coffey's Comics and Games at 1031 Broadway in Cape today, and with their Magic: the Gathering tournament happening tonight, it only seems appropriate to mention that Magic Online is hosting a Swiss tournament with Standard decks against their R&D team at 2:00 PM today.  You can watch the live feed on their Twitch.tv channel, as well.
  • Looks like Mass Effect 4 will borrow some assets from the upcoming Dragon Age: Inquisition, the third game in that series.  Bioware says it's simply to speed up the process of getting the game together, considering both series use similar setups.  

Enjoy the weekend!  'Til Monday, maniacs...ROCK!


(News credit to 411mania.com)

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