Shut Up and Rock -- 7/30/13

Jul 30, 2013 -- 8:28am

Because you'll be dust by Monday... because you'll be pulverized in two seconds. The cleaning lady? She cleans up... dust. She dusts.


  • Several prominent drummers, including Pearl Jam's Matt Cameron, have formed a drumming supergroup called Drumgasm that will its first LP (self-titled, 'natch) on August 27th, though the group warns that it's not for "the casual listener."  Basically, if you aren't a drummer, don't waste your time.
  • Metallica announced that the soundtrack for their 3D concert film, Through the Never, will be a two-disc set of 16 tracks released through their own Blackened Records imprint and including many of the group's biggest hits, including :For Whom The Bell Tolls," "Ride the Lightning," and more.  The album's due out September 24th, while the film is coming a few days later on the 27th.
  • Paramount Pictures announced yesterday that World War Z is finally coming to IMAX 3D theaters this Friday, likely in a late-game cash-grab to bring back audiences for a second go-around as the film's about to exit theaters.  Of course, if the ticket price is outrageous...
  • Looks like Beverly Hills Cop IV may actually be on again, surprisingly.  You may recall that CBS filmed a pilot for a series based on the classic 80's film franchise earlier this year, and although it never aired, the online buzz has been enough to get Paramount excited about another film.  Whether it will star Eddie Murphy as Axel, Brandon T. Jackson (from the unaired pilot) as his son, or both (or neither!) remains to be seen.
  • Saints Row IV is getting a deluxe edition that includes everything about this game:  all the bonus stuff from both the "Super Dangerous Wub Wub" edition and the "Commander in Chief" edition, as well as a replica of the Dubstep gun and a resin memorial statue of Johnny Gat, and all sorts of other nutty stuff.  It'll only be printed in a limited-edition 5,000 run, and it'll run you $130, though...ouch.  Game's due out August 20th for 360, PS3, and PC.
  • Could Street Fighter 5 already be in development?  Probably not--Capcom's busy putting Ultra Street Fighter 4 together first, but some of their top men say it's unlikely the series will stop at four numbered entries.

'Til Wednesday, wackos...ROCK!


(News credit to 411mania.com)

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