Shut Up and Rock -- 10/7/13

Oct 07, 2013 -- 6:44am

Every time I think I'm out, they pull me back in!


  • Ohhh, boy.  Gene Simmons of Kiss did an interview with Team Rock Radio over the weekend and, when asked about the current state of the music industry, spun a tale about filesharing ruining it and ultimately ended up saying that Kurt Cobain of Nirvana fame can't be considered a musical icon because he only released "a couple of albums" before his untimely death.  So, Gen-X'ers and beyond, have fun with that boiling blood moment for today!
  • Neil Young and the Red Hot Chili Peppers will perform at a benefit for the Silverlake Conservatory of Music in California at the end of October.  The conservatory for young musicians was founded by RHCP's Flea back in 2001, and he and frontman Anthony Kiedis will host the show as well.
  • Gravity debuted at #1 at the box office this weekend with a record-breaking (for October) $55 million take and a great review from both critics and moviegoers alike, while Ben Affleck's Runner Runner fell a bit flat in its first weekend at #3.  Meanwhile, Baggage Claim (#7), Pulling Strings (#9), and Enough Said (#10) are all films you probably haven't heard of, which is kind of strange, yeah?
  • Rockstar announced that the microtransactions for Grand Theft Auto V have been temporarily disabled.  The in-game cash packs aren't necessary to play, and with the issues that Rockstar has had thus far with GTA Online, it just made sense.  They assure us they'll be up and running as soon as the game itself is on track once again.
  • Also, Half-Life 3 IS NOT COMING OUT (YET.)  I can't stress this enough:  if you see a rumor, like last week's, about this game...it's probably just that--a rumor.  Wait until Valve officially says something.  Please.

'Til Tuesday, troops...ROCK!


(News credit to 411mania.com)

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