Superman? Batman? Spiderman?

Jul 18, 2012 -- 10:23am


With the release of so many comic book movies within the last year or so and the hype of the Dark Knight Rises coming out TOMORROW, I have to ask...if you had to pick one superhero to be for a day who would it be and why?

Would you keep it classy and stick with the Amazing Spiderman? Or go with the incredible strength of the Incredible Hulk?

I'm not quite sure if it's because I'm currently obsessed with the Avengers or what, but I would hands down pick Iron Man.

I mean just think about it. Man has all the money in the world, a current and (so far) stable love interest, and THE COOLEST gadgets! Not to mention he has the IQ of like 34861356813598435 billion. I am also a fan of the personal growth. He goes from being this just horrible person to saving the world and actually having a heart. And the wit?! SO many awesome one liners. Now, I understand that could just be a Robert Downey, Jr thing but he portrays the character so well. I'm the kind of person that likes seeing an actor play a character and becoming attached to them throughout the story. It just makes it easier to understand and paints a clear picture in my head. In my mind, Robert Downey, Jr IS Iron Man and I'm quite okay with that. He is the complete package. And by he, I mean both Downey and Iron Man.

Now that I have professed my love for Iron Man, I will say that if I had to pick a “classic” super hero it would totally be Superman. He holds a very special place in my heart. There’s just something about that Lois Lane and Clark Kent romance. Oh, and Smallville and the Superman ride Tower of Power at Six Flags.

So I ask you, who would you choose? What super hero would you want to be for a day? Or heck, would you want to be a super villain? I mean some of those guys are pretty BA.

Disclaimer: I am not an expert in the comic book world. This is just my opinion based on what I have been exposed to. So Double H, don’t be too harsh. J

Now on to more important matters…has anyone heard the new Saving Abel Album yet?!

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