Name: Siege
Background: I'm a graduate of Southeast Missouri State University (Spring of '07.)  I got my start in radio at the campus station, KDMC-LP, back in '05. In the Spring of '06 I started working part-time at Mississippi River Radio, and after begging and pleading, I was eventually let on air here at Real Rock.  Then in the Fall of '07 I got the chance to become a full-time staff member at the station!  Since then I've bounced around on several different shifts, eventually sticking on the Overnight time slot.  I love rocking your third shift Monday-Saturday, so if you ever have any requests, just let me know via Facebook or on the Rocklines!  If we've got the tune you're looking for, we'll get it on for you!!!
Favorite Artists:  Sevendust, Thin Lizzy, Slayer, 10 Years, Deftones, Tool, etc. 
Favorite Movies:  Boondock Saints, Animal House, Tombstone, Forest Gump, etc. 
Favorite Game Series:  The old schooler in me wants to say Mario, but I can't get enough Gears of War!
Favorite Food:  (Tie) The Juicy Lucy (found at the 5-8 Club in Minneapolis, MN) and The Mastodon burger (found at Kuma's Corner in Chicago, IL)
Quote:  "Tomorrow's just your future yesterday."  Craig Ferguson


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