The FIX — 4/24/14

  • National Pig in a Blanket Day means it should be Tuesday…shouldn't it, Supernatural fans?


  • In music news, the impending Led Zeppelin reissues of their first nine albums will also now include previously unreleased tracks on a companion album.  The reissues are coming June 3rd, so prepare yourselves…also, former Kinks guitarist and vocalist Dave Davies has offered support for AC/DC guitarist Malcolm Young, as he tells Rolling Stone via Facebook, "I have no idea exactly what physical state Malcolm Young is in, but the public sending out negative vibes about the whole thing is not going to help at all."  Davies himself suffered a stroke nearly a decade ago.
  • Tweet of the Day goes to comedian Julius Sharpe (@juliussharpe) for this gem:  "Restaurants are always trying to "tempt" you with dessert. Dude, I'm an adult. I can have like six Snickers bars when I get home if I want."  No doubt.  Trending this morning was #WeAllBleedBlue and #Kane, two sides of the same hockey coin (puck?) after last night's Blues/Blackhawks game, as well as #GoldenGods (Revolver's awards show.)
  • First-ever FIX retraction:  The U.S. Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau's approval powdered booze ("Palcohol") last week was just a mistake. The approval apparently pertained only to the labels for the product's seven different flavors, not the products themselves, but the producers are hopeful it'll get there soon.
  • In the Screening Room:  actress Meg Ryan has joined the cast of How I Met Your Mother spinoff How I Met Your Dad to play the Bob Saget role of the older Sally, narrating Greta Gerwig's actions from the future.  Of course, this is just a pilot order for now, and after the dismal series finale of the original, we'll see if it gains traction.  Also, the finale Saturday Night Live episodes of the current season have been announced:  May 3rd, it's Andrew Garfield hosting (for The Amazing Spider-Man 2, no doubt) with musical guest Coldplay; May 10th will be Charlize Theron and The Black Keys (just three days before the release of Turn Blue, their new album); and the finale on May 17th will bring back Andy Samberg with St. Vincent on the music front.
  • In the Gaming Guide:  Bungie has released a character class-detailing video for Destiny, which releases September 9th for current and last-gen consoles that aren't under Nintendo's wing; you can see that video on our Facebook page.  Elsewhere, someone's making a Kick-Ass 2 video game…now, for some reason, after the movie released to theaters last August and home video in December.  It's a beat-'em-up.  It looks okay.  No one will buy this.
  • Finally, it's Because Of Course:  a Kansas man facing first-degree murder charges is worried that the jury will unfairly judge him based on his tattoos…one of which, in huge letters on his neck, read, "MURDER."  Gee, I can't imagine why he's concerned…also, the NYPD's "#myNYPD" publicity stunt, intended to bring in pictures of New York residents being helped by the police, has backfired big time, resulting in tons of police brutality photos being sent to the department.  Finally, Robert DeNiro may be a great actor and even director, but his Vine skills aren't so hot — his first six-second video was taken by accident and features him confused about what's happening.  Because of course.


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