The FIX — 4/25/14

  • Say happy birthday today to actors Jason Lee (44) and Al Pacino (74!)  Hoo-ah!
  • In music news:  former Slipknot bassist Paul Gray's widow Brenna testified in court yesterday that she believes Dr. Daniel Baldi was responsible for Paul's death, citing that he continued to prescribe Xanax to Paul while knowing he harbored a substance abuse problem.  Elsewhere, Record Store Day is a success this year, as indy stores reported an 11.2% increase in sales as compared to last year's event; and finally, Metallica is deep into the process of working on a new album, as you may have heard yesterday.
  • Tweet of the Day goes to Seth MacFarlane (@SethMacFarlane) for this teaser:  "Somethin' cool is coming Monday, and it has to do with #AMillionWays."  He's referencing his new movie, A Million Ways to Die in the West, of course.  Trending this AM primarily was Comedy Central's @midnight Hashtag Wars game, #LameOfficeHolidays.
  • In the Screening Room:  Ray Fisher has officially been confirmed as being cast as Cyborg for Batman vs. Superman, which tells me that DC isn't sure if they're making that or a Justice League movie, given Wonder Woman's confirmation and the rumors of everyone from Flash to Green Lantern being in this.  Also, three flicks out this weekend to get your attention:  The Quiet Ones for the horror fans, The Other Woman for comedy/chick flicks, and Brick Mansions for action jacksons.
  • In the Gaming Guide:  Click HERE to get the details on the Steam sales for Magic: The Gathering 2014 — Duels of the Planeswalkers.  Also, if you're playing Star Wars: The Old Republic, be aware that the Galactic Strongholds expansion that was due out late June has been pushed to August to add more features.
  • Finally, in Because Of Course:  A Missouri man was busted for having his 13-year-old son be his designated driver and proceeded to tell cops after being pulled over, "Well, I guess that makes me a bad father."   Also, a drunken Tennessee man broke into the Lorraine Hotel in Memphis for a nap…in one of the historically-preserved rooms tied to Rev. Martin Luther King's assassination.  Finally, total chode Lance Armstrong still thinks of himself as the winner of his revoked Tour de France titles since, "everyone was doing it then."  Because of course he does.

Find the rest at, and have a great weekend!  'Til Monday…

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